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We offer a wide variety of classes from beginning to advanced, recreational to competitive and much more.

Tiny Tots and Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tots is all about our little ones, ages 3-5 years old, focused on motor skill development, somersaults and intro to tumbling. They must be potty trained. Class in only 45 min. long

Tiny Tumblers: Must have a cartwheel & bridge. Learning back-handsprings and back-tucks. Class is 60 min.


Back-Handspring 101 | Trampoline 101

Back-handspring 101 is geared around the art of the back-handspring. Athletes are taught the basics of this skill until learned and then developed from there, adding in other skills with it such as round-off’s and rebounds.

Trampoline Only is a class geared just around the trampoline and the skills developed for this such as height, staying centered, basic skills to advanced skills, routines of 10 skills and much more.


Beginning | Intermediate | Advanced T&T

Tumbling & Trampoline classes for all ages and levels. We begin with the basics of each event, from back-walkovers, back-handsprings and back-tucks to Fulls, double-fulls and double-backs on the floor… as well as straight jumps, seat drops and airplanes to back-tucks, double-backs, double-fronts and more on the trampoline. Offered for beginning, intermediate and advanced skill levels. An evaluation will be done with our head coaches to determine which level to be placed at.


Dance Tumbling 1 and 2

Dance Tumbling is divided in to two levels:

Dance Tumbling 1: working on back-walkovers, cartwheels, round-off’s & aerials

Dance Tumbling 2: back-handsprings, front aerials, back-tucks, combo’s and more.

Competitive Prep


Pre-Team is preparing all our athletes who are ready to take T&T to the next level with competition. We teach all the fundamentals for Trampoline and Tumbling on a competitive level, requirements for skills, routines, combinations and more. Athletes are required to take 2-4 classes per week.



Home of  2017 World Champion: Kaden Brown

2018 World Champion Double Mini: Ruben Padilla

2017 Gym of the year

2016, 2019  Coach of the Year: Becky Brown

2016 Developmental Coach of the year: Becky Brown

Team is for competitive levels and by invite only. Athletes are perfecting the  Trampoline and Tumbling competitive requirements for skills, routines, combinations and more, levels 4-10, Junior & Senior Elite. Athletes are required to take 3-5 classes per week and compete from January through June/July each season.